Friday, November 6, 2015

Dreams, their meanings and who the heck is directing these??!!

What is the purpose of dreams?  That is the universal question to which there is no answer.  Almost every web page, every article I have read about dreams, nobody knows the purpose or function of dreams.  You read certain theorists like Freud and Jung and they all have their own notions but it hasn't been figured scientifically why we dream.  This is actually a really neat website that explains dreams in a understandable way ( 

My dreams are normally bat-shit crazy. Like something Tim Burton would be directing.  Last night's dream was more realistic than normal but still bat shit crazy.  I will give you the cliff notes version of what happened in the dream: 

  • I was in the ocean/swimming pool (kind of both) and swimming with dolphins but the dolphins either attacked me or something as I suddenly wasn't able to swim anymore and started half drowning but somebody was there to help me to the side of the pool (before I was in the ocean, now a pool) to hold me against the edge as help came (in a yacht style boat so now we are back to the ocean)
  • They/EMT tried to revive me but I was unresponsible so they brought me onto the boat to have a doctor look at me 
  • The doctor was a sadistic person apparently as he was wanting to do tests/experiments on me and I think he actually did 
  • Suddenly I found myself in a house, responsive, but kind of locked away in a basement as I was sleeping on a mattress with a TV in the corner and I think people were trying to hide me from the sadistic doctor
  • The sadistic doctor found me but my sister was also there and he took her instead so in order for me to free her I had to be injected with something that was going to make me unresponsive/fall into a coma and I kept fighting it as I didn't want that feeling again but I had no choice so I took it
  • I then woke up

How crazy was that??!!  I mean seriously.  So then when I woke up, I decided to google what the meaning of dreaming of dolphins was since, in theory, they were the catalyst in my dream and what started off the entire sequence of events.  This is what I found on dolphins:

  • a symbol of enjoyment and social connection 
  • positive feelings and circumstances 
  • connection, empathy and happiness 
  • just made a strong, powerful connection with someone (new romantic partner or friend)
  • chasing a dolphin signifies wanting to socialize more, to break their lonely, solitary cycle
  • opened a line of communication between conscious and subconscious mind

What is not talked about is the dolphins basically a) giving people seizures or b) almost killing people.  So, what can we deduce from my dream?  

  • my 'happiness' is paralyzing me, making me want to die
  • my social engagement is killing me
  • I am overwhelmed by positivity and cannot handle it 
  • the thought of getting into a relationship causes great panic and anxiety 
  • that my mind is trying to tell me something and I am ignoring it 

All the above sucks.  But maybe that is what my mind is telling me?  And if one wants to look deeper into it, it could all be true.  I find myself in a position in my life where I am not that happy - I am at a job I dislike and I am impeding myself from getting back into what I want to do.  I am truly paralyzing myself in this unhappiness.  I want to move on but I will feel guilty doing so.  I want to move on but it takes decisions and changes which I am uncomfortable with.  But, as in the end of my dream, maybe I have to do something that I dislike, something I am uncomfortable with, to get unparalyzed and save myself (or other people from my unhappiness).  BAM - just Freuded my dream!

So maybe the dream does have some significance in my life.  What does it tell me though?  To not go play with dolphins or to do something that will cause me to become unparalyzed?   And how do I do that?  Maybe another dream will help me with that.  

Moral of this blog:  F*#k it and stop paralyzing yourself, even if it means you need to take steps that you are uncomfortable with or that you feel will make other people unhappy.  You have to do what makes you happy as that is what is important.  

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