Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When life gets you down, you underwear dance!!!

Life gets hectic and stressful.  If you say it doesn't, you are a liar.  And everyone has their own way of dealing with the hecticness and stressfulness.  Some people drink.  Some people do drugs.  Some people run.  Some people workout.  

Me, I underwear dance.  

There is nothing more freeing than shedding some of your clothes, get into the comfy underwear and tank top and just dance to your heart's content.  No one is there to judge you for how you look or the music you are listening to or the fact that you are underwear dancing.  It is a total selfish and wonderful act.  And something that everybody should do.  

I think the nudists are onto something about shedding the clothes.  When I get home, the first thing I do is get out of my work clothes.  It is like shedding the day away and getting into something that is comfier, more me and just happier.  It is a simple act that makes me forget about work and allows me to focus on what I have to get done for that night.  And do it in comfy clothes.  However, I am not sure if dancing nude versus dancing in your underwear will be different.  To me, that is a huge difference.  You gotta go with your comfort level.  

You can underwear dance for many reasons.  The list is endless really but here are my reasons as to why I underwear dance:

  • crappy day at work
  • some boy doesn't text back 
  • feel like the world is crashing around me
  • life just sucks 
It doesn't really matter why.  Hell, you can even do it when you are in a good mood.  It doesn't much matter.  Why?  Cause this is for you.  And only you.  Unless you decide to share this moment with somebody, then it can be two fools dancing around in your underwear.  Cause I will warn you now, when you dance around in your underwear, feeling free and unhindered by life's troubles, you will dance however you want to.  And that could mean looking like a fool.  But a free fool.  Which is the best fool there is out there.  

I don't think there have been any empirical studies done on the effects of underwear dancing on one's mood but I can tell you from personal experience, it helps tremendously.  I always feel better after underwear dancing.  It just makes things happier.  

The music can make a difference as to what/why you are dancing.  Here is a list of some of my favorite songs to underwear dance to:
  • Hate My Life by Theory of a Deadman
  • She is Beautiful by Andrew W.K. 
  • Footloose by Kenny Loggins
  • Dog Days are Over by Glee Cast 
  • Try by Pink 
  • Papa was a Rolling Stone by the Temptations
  • Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks 
  • Animal by Neon Trees
  • I'm Only Joking by Kongos 
  • Stolen Dance by Milky Chance 
and many many more.  The list is endless.  It is whatever the music is speaking to you at that moment.  Or why you are underwear dancing.  Dancing (and singing at the top of your lungs to) Hate my Life by Theory of a Deadman is the best form of underwear dancing there is.  Just don't sing at the top of your lungs if you have upstairs neighbors or roommates.  They may not appreciate or understand what you are doing.  

Dancing is a wonderful form of therapy.  When I worked at the jail, on some of the days we got done the actual 'therapy' part of the music and art group, I would put on a song and we would just dance to is and the guys loved it.  It was a moment for them to forget they were in jail and just enjoy being in the moment.  And I loved it because they were happy.  And that is what dancing is - a form of happiness.  And legit happiness.  And doesn't cost that much.  Or require that much.  So everyone should do it.  Everyone.  

Moral of this blog:  F*#k It and underwear dance as much as you want.  It doesn't hurt anybody and it is a fuckload of fun.  And therapeutic.  

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